Cat Tree with Cave


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  • Ideal for kitten to medium size cats up to 20lbs,1-3cats
  • Multi-platform cat tree with enclosure and scratching posts
  • Helps keep your cat from damaging carpets, furniture, curtains, and more
  • Carpeted platforms provide space to relax, play, and climb
  • Natural jute fiber scratching posts help keep nails healthy
  • Neutral color tones fit in with your home’s existing décor

Basics Cat Tree Dual Post with Cave

Give your kitty the purrrrrfect playground with the Basics Cat Tree Dual Post with Cave. This deluxe, scratch-friendly environment allows your pet to relax or entertain themselves for hours on end, keeping their claws busy and their mind content. Place near your cat’s favorite window or anywhere he or she likes to spend time, and watch the fun begin. The multi-level tree is great deterrent for cats with a proclivity for scratching things they shouldn’t, such as drapes, blinds, furniture, and more.

  • Multi-tiered tree for cats
  • Includes carpeted platforms, an enclosed cave, and scratching posts
  • Satisfies your cat’s urge to climb and scratch
  • Scratchable pillars made with natural, durable jute rope
  • Rough texture contributes to healthy nails

Interactive Play Design

Featuring a naturally fibrous construction, your cat will take great joy in clawing the rope pillars, hopping between platforms, and relaxing with a bird’s eye view in their own personal enclosure. A sense of privacy coupled with satisfying scratch-ability make this design an instant favorite. Constructed with natural jute fiber, plush carpeting, and sturdy chipboard, this product offers long-lasting quality and durability.

Satisfy Your Cat’s Urge to Scratch & Climb

Satisfy Your Cat’s Urge to Scratch & Climb

A go-to spot for releasing energy, relaxing, or satisfying the urge to scratch and climb, your furry friend will truly appreciate the Basics cat tree and its private enclosure. An endless source of fun, he or she will spend hours interacting with this product’s multiple features. Cats have a natural impulse to sharpen and condition their nails through scratching, removing dead layers and generally following their instincts. By providing an outlet for these compulsions, you’ll save yourself from potential property damage — and keep your kitty happy and healthy at the same time.


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